Alliances and agreements

Since our creation in 2006, we have been [...]

Since our creation in 2006, we have generated alliances and collaboration agreements with national and international institutions, which have allowed us to develop and implement the programmes Un Buen Comienzo, We Learn and Asistencia, and at the same time share learning and experiences with other institutions, both public and private.

Below are all the partnerships and agreements we have in place in 2022:

A Good Start Programme

International partnerships and agreements:

- David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies (DRCLAS)

- Teachstone

- Center for Advanced Study of Teaching & Learning, University of Virginia

- Columbia Global Center Santiago

- Luminario Foundation

National alliances:

- En Red Social Foundation 

Municipalities Metropolitan Region:

- Renca

Municipalities O'Higgins Region:

- Coltauco
- Doñihue
- Machalí
- Malloa
- Mostazal

- Paredones
- Pichidegua
- Rengo
- San Vicente

Local Public Education Services: 

SLEP Colchagua (includes the communes of Chimbarongo, San Fernando, Nancagua and Placilla).

We Learn Programme

National conventions:

- Embassy of the United States in Chile
- Grupo Educativo Inglesa
- Fundación Isla Tenglo
- Live Language Theater 

Municipalities Coquimbo Region:

- Paihuano
- Vicuña

Municipalities Bío Bío Region:

- Birth

Municipalities Los Lagos Region:

- Puerto Montt

Municipalities Magallanes Region:

- Puerto Natales

Assistance Programme

National conventions:

- Integra Foundation Metropolitan Region North West Region

- Integra Foundation Valparaíso Region

- Integra Foundation O'Higgins Region


- Catholic University of the North 

- Sara Raier Foundation 

Area Transfer of Learning

National conventions:

- Subsecretaría de Educación Parvularia (Under-Secretariat for Pre-school Education)

- Local Public Education Service Costa Araucanía 

- C-Leader 

- Educational Group 

- Fundación Chile  


- Central University of Chile

International conventions:

- EarlyEdu Alliance 

Educational Management Area

National conventions:

- EduLab UC

- IDB-IMSS Advisory Committee

Continuous Improvement and Evaluation Area 

National conventions:

- CIAE University of Chile 

- Peer Foundation  


In addition, the Foundation is part of:

- Collective Action for Education

- Network of Leading Schools

- Proleer

- Community of Solidarity Organisations

- Moved by Chile

Other collaborations we have had in the past:

International: Harvard University Graduate School of Education, Institute of Healthcare Improvement, Carnegie Foundation.

National: Beyond English, Subsecretaría de Educación Parvularia, Universidad Abierta de Recoleta, Universidad Católica del Maule, CPCE Universidad Diego Portales and CENTRE UC.

Metropolitan Region Municipalities: Peñalolén, Lo Prado, Maipú, Estación Central, Pudahuel, San Ramón, San José de Maipo, La Pintana and Cerro Navia.

Municipalities O'Higgins region: Codegua, Rancagua, Coinco, Olivar, Peumo, Quinta de Tilcoco and Las Cabras.

Municipality Maule region: Maule.

Local Public Education Services: Barrancas and Puerto Cordillera.