We promote early childhood development and learning for children and young people.
Innovating and working collaboratively with others.
Resources and video library of pedagogical interactions
Access resources and concrete strategies to implement in your classroom and daily activities.

You have to be there to learn!

When a child misses school, they miss out on meaningful learning experiences and the opportunity to share with their peers. We support the leadership and innovation of teachers and principals to reduce absenteeism in their communities.

Strengthening early education in public schools

We support educational teams and directors in improving their pedagogical and leadership practices, through innovative methodologies, with the aim of helping children achieve greater socio-emotional and language development.

Expanding opportunities to learn English from an early age

We seek to improve students' level of English through a collaborative working model involving teachers, management teams and English-speaking professionals.

We test, make, study and adjust to improve

School teams develop innovations to improve pedagogical practices, continuously measure the effects of their implementation and make evidence-based decisions.

Find out how the commune of Coltauco reduced chronic absenteeism before the pandemic

Schools in the commune that worked with Un Buen Comienzo's attendance strategies ended the academic year with 16 per cent of children chronically absent, while those that did not ended the year with 33 per cent.

We share our experiences and learnings

Through our E-learning platform, national and international trainings and seminars, we make available what we have learned over the years and what we know works.