The "Nobel Prize for Teaching" returns with a special category for Kindergarten Education


The ninth version of the Global Teacher Prize Chile, organized by Elige Educar, incorporated this new space for recognition thanks to the collaboration of Fundación Educacional Oportunidad and Fundación Ya.

Teachers, educators and kindergarten educators in the country can now apply for the ninth version of the Global Teacher Prize Chile 2024 -also known as the "Nobel Prize for Teaching"-, a recognition that annually highlights the work of teachers at the national level. This year, for the first time, the prize will have three categories: Kindergarten Education, Music Education and Comprehensive Education.

"The inclusion of the new Early Childhood Education category in the Global Teacher Prize Chile is a great opportunity not only to recognize and value the work of innovative and inspiring educators, but also to highlight the importance of early childhood education, which every day welcomes children, strengthening their life trajectories and safeguarding the right to education from the cradle room," said the Undersecretary of Early Childhood Education, Claudia Lagos.

Each category seeks to attract different teachers: Kindergarten Education encourages applications from early childhood educators working in schools, nursery schools, kindergartens, language schools and non-conventional modalities. It was created thanks to the collaboration of Fundación Educacional Oportunidad and Fundación Ya.

Music Education invites music teachers working in schools, children's and youth orchestras, neighborhood choirs or other places where they teach schoolchildren. The third category, Integral Education, is the broadest and calls for teachers of elementary and middle school, youth and adult education, hospital schools and other school teaching spaces. 

"The Global Teacher Prize Chile 2024 seeks to make visible, inspire and recognize the exceptional work of teachers and educators who are making a daily transformation in the lives of children and adolescents, and in their communities as agents of change and exceptional teachers in their work in the classroom," explains Verónica Cabezas, Executive Director of Elige Educar.

The transformative impact of the Global Teacher Prize Chile

During the launch of the ninth version of the prize, outstanding teachers presented some of their skills: Cristobal Rojas, winner of the Music Education Category and Top 50 of the international version, shared part of music teaching techniques with sign language; and Pablo Ramirez, finalist of the Global Teacher Prize Chile 2022, presented a physics experiment that played with forces by burying a knife in a potato in the air.

Marcelo Cofré, winner of the Global Teacher Prize Chile 2023, highlights the impact that this recognition has had on his life: "This experience has filled me with energy, it makes me realize that this close way of teaching, which always has high expectations about what my students can achieve, is the key to form great people who will be a contribution to society".

Until July 25, citizens can invite applications from teachers who have had an impact on their lives on the website Also, practicing teachers and early childhood educators can apply directly to the Global Teacher Prize Chile 2024 by telling their story, achievements and impact inside and outside the classroom. All the details at